Holly Brave’s the Shave for Cancer Charity.


Today I had the privilege of going to the home of young Holly who was having her amazing hair shaved off to support others and raise money in the fight against cancer.

Amazing sacrifice for a young teenaged girl to do to raise money for the wonderful Macmillan Cancer Support charity.  Holly can be sponsored at the link below if you would like to help her raise funds towards her target.





The right print for the right job!

Many photographers offer a service to their clients where they have images on a disc, or usb memory stick, that they print for themselves.  There is nothing wrong with this – I too offer the images on a pen drive, but it does limit the chances of success of the client getting what they really want from the shoot and displaying it to it’s full glory on their wall!

When choosing a photographer to do some work does the client think about the initial price of the shoot above all else? Do photographer and client work together to produce something in particular?  Does the client have an idea of how they want the final product to look?  Would they know how to choose a reputable printer who didn’t leave them with faded images 2 years after purchase?  Does the photographer have experience of displaying their images in large gallery presentable format?

Take, for example, these three different formats of print taken from the shoot of Roxy in the milk bath recently.  The image below is an iPhone ‘snap’ of the images taken in overcast daylight.

All the prints below were taken from the same file, and all are beautifully printed by a premium printing company based in Germany.  They are expensive options for an art print  with the photograph on the right pricing up at approximately £1.20 per cm squared.  Doesn’t sound a lot but look at the arrow key on your keyboard and thats the approximate size and then add that up to the size of the product you want!  However as an art piece that is a respectable price and they are guaranteed for 5 years from purchase and ink colours (if displayed correctly) are guaranteed not to fade for 75 years!

All these products below are correct, and correctly printed.  The differing ‘looks’ are those individualities of the print style and choice of medium but you can see that the top left is a direct print under acrylic glass and is softer in focus.  The top right is super clear high definition print on gloss paper and defined and is slightly differently coloured, and the product at the bottom is mid way between the 2 above in clarity, but the effect of the print onto the aluminium itself gives it a different tone depending upon the angle it is viewed at.

What I am trying to say is that do you (whether you are the photographer or the client) know what is the best product for purpose?  Do you think that your photographer should be sufficiently qualified to guide the client in their options?  Would you pay top end for a qualified photographer who could guide your choices or are you guided by price?


Top left is a direct print under acrylic glass, top right is an HD print on gloss paper, and bottom is a direct print on aluminium di-bond.

Free Draw News

Thank you for everyone who took the time to pop over and review my services and who emailed me testimonials following my post on Facebook.

All paying clients who had previously used my photography services were given a number – as shown below:

Number 1 is Arianna Hammersley-Fenton
Number 2 is Michelle Brocklehurst McNamara
Number 3 is Julie Oliver
Number 4 is Cathy Barlow
Number 5 is Roxy Murt
Number 6 is Liz Roberts Dunstan
Number 7 is Paul Murt
Number 8 is Kirsty Masters
Number 9 is Christie Gamble
Number 10 is Becci Baker
Number 11 is Kelly Middleton
Number 12 is Chloe Miller
Number 13 is Michaela Doyle
Number 14 is Nadine Lloyd
Number 15 is Daisy Brown
Number 16 is Emma Louise Carthew ܤ
Number 17 is Michelle Brown
Number 18 is Jamie Lee Green
Number 19 is Trina Pethick
Number 20 is Gillian Constance
Number 21 is Toni Joanne Doidge
Number 22 is Emily Colwill
Number 23 is Kelly Tippett


This evening each number was entered into the Random Number Generator (https://www.random.org) to draw out the winning numbers.

I am pleased to announce that the winners are:

  1. Emma Louise Carthew
  2. Kelly Middleton

Please get in touch ladies to arrange a shoot 🙂




Milk Bath – Roxy

Whilst spending some quality time with my 12 year old we decided to do some milk bath photography with some fresh flowers (she loves to model!).


The session was only half an hour at the most, mainly for comfort reasons rather than fun.  Wrinkled fingers are never a good look no matter how old you are!

I liked the look of including a few hints that this was an actual ‘thing”, and not done post production, and wanted the signs of the liquid being visible in the shot.  For this shoot I used a DSLR with a  a 50mm lens, a flashgun reflected off the ceiling and a white diffuser reflected off the ceiling.  It helped that the room was completely white (walls, ceiling and bathroom suite were white) so there was plenty of opportunity for the light to bounce.

A quick make up change and back in the bath probably wasn’t the best idea but it was so much fun we wanted to make the most of the time.  This time we added some funky colours with food dye at my daughter’s request.  It certainly looked different, but not sure that the wrinkled fingers were so lovely!


I was slightly dubious about using the milk and wondered if it would smell?  Would it be slippery? etc., but I needn’t have worried.  In fact, my daughter’s hair and skin was lovely and soft after the shoot even after she had showered and washed her hair!

Not knowing exactly what properties, or problems, the milk might have on the skin I decided to do a little research.

It would seem that the milk fats and proteins are very good for the hair and that they have some moisturising properties on the skin.  They also contain those magical AHA’s that are always listed on premium priced skincare products!





As a note, bathing in milk is fine if you want to try it, unless you have a dairy allergy or wounds on the skin in which case this is not the project for you and I’ve popped a couple of links and articles below about the negative sides of milk and the body.





9 People Pose Nude To Show What Body Diversity Really Looks Like

Time has got in the way since finishing my degree but the concept of body confidence and positive body image is something that has continued to be a strong part of my work.  I am making time now for the projects that interest me – I am ‘back on it’ and looking to make some more images and keep spreading the self love message.  Research here we come…  Some fab images in this article and series of work.


Retouching, from the view point of the retouchers!


Zack, who works in the art department at a major magazine, added that “with the exception of maybe wrinkles being smoothed out, nearly all the retouching I’ve seen or done is to correct or change a choice made by another creative in the process….[like] I once had to change a subject’s wig color–a choice by the stylist–to one that made the shot more aesthetically pleasing.” Andrew, a retoucher with 20 plus years of experience did admit that he was once asked to alter a shot of Kate Moss to “flatten out a little bit of a curve where her pants were.” He’s also lifted bust lines and smoothed butts.

Obviously it happens, but it sounds like girls’ bodies are not altered so as to be unrecognizable. Tamara, another professional retoucher with decades of experience, said of her work with health and fitness pubs, “[We aren’t] over-slimming. Maybe just pushing in a little bit here and there where the camera might have exaggerated a side, but there still is a camera and there still is lens distortion, so sometimes itʼs just correcting that.” Whatʼs also ironic is that sheʼs “fixing” a lot of bad plastic surgery to make it look more natural. Too-bright tooth laminates and ubiquitous fake-looking hair extensions are also common issues.

What everyone agreed on is that photographers generally don’t spend as much time on shoots as they used to. The prevailing attitude seems to be, as Andrew said, “‘Oh donʼt worry about that theyʼll fix it in post-[production].ʼ” Tamara said the stylists will just pin up a garment and not iron anything because they know it can be taken care of later.

But with a little twist this video, by Buzzfeed (18 Unreal Magazine Photoshop Fails) is a comical look at some of the fails that the industry puts out accidentally.


Its also interesting that the picture of Oprah Winfrey was highlighted as I used that example in my dissertation.

No Photoshop Movement – Michigan Times Article

Article by Emily Legleitner, Michigan Times.  Published 17/02/2014 which discusses the effects of companies (such as Aerie) and the effects that their ‘no photoshop’ movement may have.  Backed up by evidence from Jean Kilbourne (who has dedicated the last 40 years to studying the effects of media and advertising on body image) it discusses how these photoshopped images, although maybe only viewed fleetingly, have a lifetime effect on our thoughts subconsciously.  It touches upon the way that advertising campaigns affect men as well, through their depiction of masculinity and virility, focussing on the tougher side of men which can pose a threat to mens subconscious.   This is particularly interesting to me as it is something that has come up in group crit sessions about advertising being a subject that affects men and is not a purely female problem.


This is a good link to a New York Times opinion editorial on the subject of photoshop.



Verily magazine


Jean Kilbourne


PDF studyguide to go along with Jean Kilbourne’s Killing Me Softly 4 package on the effects of media on women.