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Milk Bath – Roxy

Whilst spending some quality time with my 12 year old we decided to do some milk bath photography with some fresh flowers (she loves to model!).


The session was only half an hour at the most, mainly for comfort reasons rather than fun.  Wrinkled fingers are never a good look no matter how old you are!

I liked the look of including a few hints that this was an actual ‘thing”, and not done post production, and wanted the signs of the liquid being visible in the shot.  For this shoot I used a DSLR with a  a 50mm lens, a flashgun reflected off the ceiling and a white diffuser reflected off the ceiling.  It helped that the room was completely white (walls, ceiling and bathroom suite were white) so there was plenty of opportunity for the light to bounce.

A quick make up change and back in the bath probably wasn’t the best idea but it was so much fun we wanted to make the most of the time.  This time we added some funky colours with food dye at my daughter’s request.  It certainly looked different, but not sure that the wrinkled fingers were so lovely!


I was slightly dubious about using the milk and wondered if it would smell?  Would it be slippery? etc., but I needn’t have worried.  In fact, my daughter’s hair and skin was lovely and soft after the shoot even after she had showered and washed her hair!

Not knowing exactly what properties, or problems, the milk might have on the skin I decided to do a little research.

It would seem that the milk fats and proteins are very good for the hair and that they have some moisturising properties on the skin.  They also contain those magical AHA’s that are always listed on premium priced skincare products!





As a note, bathing in milk is fine if you want to try it, unless you have a dairy allergy or wounds on the skin in which case this is not the project for you and I’ve popped a couple of links and articles below about the negative sides of milk and the body.