Free Draw News

Thank you for everyone who took the time to pop over and review my services and who emailed me testimonials following my post on Facebook.

All paying clients who had previously used my photography services were given a number – as shown below:

Number 1 is Arianna Hammersley-Fenton
Number 2 is Michelle Brocklehurst McNamara
Number 3 is Julie Oliver
Number 4 is Cathy Barlow
Number 5 is Roxy Murt
Number 6 is Liz Roberts Dunstan
Number 7 is Paul Murt
Number 8 is Kirsty Masters
Number 9 is Christie Gamble
Number 10 is Becci Baker
Number 11 is Kelly Middleton
Number 12 is Chloe Miller
Number 13 is Michaela Doyle
Number 14 is Nadine Lloyd
Number 15 is Daisy Brown
Number 16 is Emma Louise Carthew ܤ
Number 17 is Michelle Brown
Number 18 is Jamie Lee Green
Number 19 is Trina Pethick
Number 20 is Gillian Constance
Number 21 is Toni Joanne Doidge
Number 22 is Emily Colwill
Number 23 is Kelly Tippett


This evening each number was entered into the Random Number Generator ( to draw out the winning numbers.

I am pleased to announce that the winners are:

  1. Emma Louise Carthew
  2. Kelly Middleton

Please get in touch ladies to arrange a shoot 🙂





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