Labels for exhibition

Labels for the exhibition are currently being sorted to go up with the images.  Mounted on foam board they will be like this:

  • Gill sans type font
  • 13 pt
  • Name (in bold)
  • Title of work
  • Medium of work
  • Price if selling

My label is going to look like this:

Deborah Doyle (D.O.B 1968)

Series Title:  Real Women – Bare as You Dare.

Working with the concept of body realism, and in response to media expectations on women in 2015, this project showcases that human beauty is not a ‘one size fits all’ equation.

Women were invited into the studio to model for a series of portraits to provide positive body inspiration to other women. The instruction that the women were given was that the shoot was inspired by historical classical paintings and sculptures and would showcase the diversity of shapes, sizes and natural bodies of women without any body enhancing image manipulation, and was as bare as they dared.

The amount of women becoming involved with the project is testament to the depth of feeling about current media portrayal of women’s bodies.  Not intended to be viewed as sexual images the photographs are about pride, being happy with the body you have, positivity, honesty and are a show of solidarity between women.

Medium: Inkjet Prints on OCE Canon 180gsm Smartmatt Paper



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