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Leibovitz, A. and Sontag, S. (1999). Women. New York: Random House.

From pages 19 to 36 Susan Sontag writes about the images produced by Leibovitz for this book entitled ‘Women’.

In this passage Susan Sontag discusses the implications of making judgements on a photograph purely on the basis that an American woman is the person in the image.  Sontag discusses stereotyping, both historically and in the modern day, and the inequality of how male and female images are assessed.

These judgments are exactly the same as the general public make on a daily basis with every image that they see in the media.  Without even being aware of humans make decisions based on what a person is wearing, their pose and their bodily appearance and then use these judgements to decide what we feel their morals and lifestyle are.

One quote from the book that stands out to me is this one by Susan Sontag:

‘Nobody looks through a book of pictures of women without noticing whether the women are attractive or not.’ Women, (1999, 22)