After much discussion it has been decided that this year’s catalogue for the “Go Away” group exhibition will be in the form of a newspaper.  Obviously part of professional practice is knowing how to send things to a client properly and correctly.  Nobody wants to have extra work, or huge unnecessary downloads to get their images.  This is the brief that we had to supply our catalogue details to the tutor.  Surprisingly many people didn’t manage it, and I had some trouble in the first instance working out the difference between sending a link to dropbox and the folder itself.

Brief from tutor:

Please note This is what I need asap. send to me as a link to a dropbox folder. Sending me anyhting else is a complete waste of time..

Max 250 words as a .txt file ( no word docs ! )
Txt file should inc the fol:
250 words about the work
your name
your contact details
Images must conform to following
Adobe RGB 200ppi TIFF
Max size 37.5 cm wide

These are a copy of my text document that was sent that will be the writing to go with my image.

Real Women – Bare as You Dare.

Working with the concept of body realism, and in response to media expectations on women in 2015, this project showcases that human beauty is not a ‘one size fits all’ equation.

Women were invited into the studio to model for a series of portraits to provide positive body inspiration to other women. The instruction that the women were given was that the shoot was inspired by historical classical paintings and sculptures and would showcase the diversity of shapes, sizes and natural bodies of women without any body enhancing image manipulation, and was as bare as they dared.

Contact Details

mobile: 07478 474417

This is a copy of my page in the catalogue ready for proof reading.  Pretty pleased with it really.



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