Aleah Chapin – Maiden, Mother, Child & Crone

Aleah Chapin

Aleah Chapin is an artist who paints large scale pieces.  She has made several pieces that are dealing with the female form as a nude and the way that we see them.  Her paintings have won several awards.  I particularly like these ones in the Maiden, Mother, Child and Crone exhibition in the Flowers Gallery.

It would be lovely if I was to take my portraits further and to produce images to the large scale that I have (better even) and to have a whole room full of images of positive bodies.

One of the things that I did miss out of on my shooting was to photograph a woman who was pregnant (as Aleah has painted) but this is something that I will address as time goes on and the project advances.

aleah chapin installation

Naked ‘Auntie’ wins £25,000 art prize

American artist Aleah Chapin wins BP Portrait Award for portrait of nude lady called ‘Auntie’



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