Lens Culture 2015 Portrait Awards

Artists work that I particularly liked in this years awards:





Entering myself.

There is a host of information available to enter the competition and I found some useful pdf’s which went through everything that a judge would be looking for, as well as hints and tips on how to present your work.  Definitely a valuable document that I have printed off and put in my library!

I did enter my images from last year’s Nature Versus Nurture Portrait Project into this competition as an experiment in how entering a competition is, and it was a great learning curve.  All those professional practice lectures in how to size and present a file, making sure you are sending just what is required and in the correct format, and so forth really did come into play with this submission.

Sadly I didn’t win anything (not that I was expecting to when viewing the other artists!) but I will continue looking into suitable competitions to enter my work in.

This is my email received letting me know I did not win.

Hi Deborah - 
Thank you for entering the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2015 competition. This year we received a record number of entries from photographers in over 129 countries. This presented a real challenge for our panel of judges to narrow down the entries to just six top winners, 25 finalists and 7 Juror's Picks — but in the end, they came to a final decision. I’m sorry to say that your submission was not one of the winners or finalists chosen by the jury this year. We will be announcing the winners this week but we wanted to notify you in advance.
We are grateful for your participation in the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2015 — our competitions continue to be the best way for us to discover exciting new work and share it with the world. Please be assured that just because you were not chosen as one of the top winners, it does not mean that we think your photos are not good! Because of the limited number of spots for winners and finalists, a lot of truly excellent submissions were not chosen for the final cut made by the judges. As we mentioned in an earlier email to you, our editors posted over 800 submissions to our Portrait Awards Gallery (http://www.lensculture.com/portrait-awards-2015) to be seen by almost one million visitors to Lensculture.com. We also posted editor-selected submissions to our Facebook page and reached almost four million photography lovers during the competition. The breadth and quality of this year's submissions was just astounding, we are delighted with the results.
We encourage you to continue being an active member of the LensCulture community, especially since we have a number of exciting new services we'll be introducing this summer. Thanks again for participating!
Best wishes to you,
The LensCulture Team

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