Plus sized models – Healthy bodies should be the goal.

Looking through my random pins on my Pinterest account I rediscovered this e-zine on which talks about plus sized models and their insight into the business.  Fantastic magazine that is full of positive images of models larger than a UK size 8 (although I still can’t see how this is considered to be a plus size!).  There are even advertisements in it from modelling agencies that celebrate curves (like IPM Model Management) that state that they take plus sized models from 8 – 18 sizes (This still shocks me immensely that this is considered a plus size when so many women are well into those sizes as normal) but the blurb on the agency home page states that they:

“We‘re always striving to push the envelope of beauty and today more than ever before, our models range in sizes from 6 to 18. We strive in working with models that live a clean healthy lifestyle. With well proportionate curves that show what a healthy woman body looks like.” (IPM Model Management)

Below is a screen shot from one spread of the magazine, featured on, which emphasises the use of ultra slim models in the fashion industry compared with a ‘normal’ sized woman.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 11.35.38

Although this may be one step closer to achieving a fair portrayal of what a real woman looks like and to act as achievable goals for other women it should be noted that each larger model has still undergone a huge ‘Photoshop’ treatment (for example, on hair, blemishes and skintone).  So, although they mean well, and obviously have a lot of investment to protect by selling their plus sized models to the fashion industry we are not yet completely there for the ‘real women’ thing in an unbiased and honest way.

Ultimately there should be a range of body sizes featured in all fashion magazines with the emphasis on ‘healthy’ models and there needs to be a push for less ‘body shaming’ in the media and more models with healthy bodies and also a healthy mindset.  I feel that then size would be irrelevant if these were the revered goals.



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