Kim Lathe – The Bare Experience

Whilst searching through to see what photography projects are currently seeking funding I came across this photographer from South Dakota, USA.  She has been photographing men and women without their clothes and without using Photoshop and now has over 100 portraits that she wishes to make into a book and an exhibition.  In her kickstarter bid she says:

Why did you decide to do this BARE project?

As a photographer, I have done portraiture for people for years, and inevitably most people wanted me to “fix” things on their pictures in Photoshop – a double chin, blemishes, etc. etc. It intrigued and exasperated me to see so many people with so many self-perceived “flaws.” Everybody always want to hide something from the world, so I thought it would be interesting to ask people to bare themselves instead. I want to try and show people the beauty they already posses, even if they don’t look like the people we see in magazines and on TV.   


I looked at her website ( and was surprised that her ideas are very similar to mine.  From this I can assume that this subject is something that is touching people all over the world and is something that is close to everybody’s heart.

Below are screen grabs of three of my favourite images from the slide show.  Love the fact that they are black and white and are as much to deal with shape and form as they are of portraits.

They remind me of some of the nude images by Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston.


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