In lectures recently we have been looking at self promotion research.  Its often seen that a self promo package is purely business cards and a website, but the internet really does give you many options to promote yourself.  Video’s can be a useful visual tool, especially when used with sites like Kickstarter (to help raise funding for a project) or Instagram which is a fabulous visual self promotional tool.  The best idea is to have a collection of self promotional tools at your disposal so that you can use the most appropriate to the situation and the purpose.

Web presence can be in many formats.  Obviously a website of your own is the most common way to stay connected, but blogs are popular, and give you the ability to update often, keeping your content fresh and having a higher chance of ranking top on search engines such as google.  Other web presences might be Facebook (personal or a business page), Instagram and Twitter.

Physical promotional material might include books, magazines, postcards, posters, business cards, cv’s and so forth.  Also gimmicks such as mugs, pens, rulers, stickers, fridge magnets and the like could be useful depending upon the project and what you want them to do for you.

Looking at the bio’s and introductions to Kickstarter really does let you see what kind of styles are popular at the moment, and which ones are more engaging.  Helpful tools to look and see what others are doing that is successful and take away ideas from them (not copying of course) and include those concepts in your own promotional material. Or possibly just see that the ideas you have are not only by you and that others have the same ideas too!

I have been working on some words for a biography for my website and for my publicity materials for the show, and for use in general really.

This is what I have so far … Why is writing about yourself so difficult?!!


My name is Deborah Doyle and I have a FdA (with distinction) in Photography and Digital Imaging and am just completing a BA (Hons) Applied Media, with a specialism in photography.

I particularly enjoy portraiture and documentary photography and have worked with children in the nursery sector of education for many years giving me an affinity with them and an ability to interact with them to get insightful and interesting portraits.

I am currently working on projects that encompass a photographic exploration of the anthropology of modern western society and intends to challenge people’s perceptions of what they see in the image and with special regard to the media influences that are placed upon women and children.

This website is intended to act as my blog and to show my current work, as well as ideas I am working on.  I hope you enjoy looking at my images.

If you have any questions, or wish to contact me, I can be emailed using the contact link on the left of the page, or you can email me at


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