Data Collection for Dissertation via SurveyMonkey.

As part of my research for my dissertation and my specialist production I have used Survey Monkey to produce a short questionnaire on thoughts on body image manipulation.

There are only 10 questions as this was the limit for a free survey.  The questions are short and are multiple choice so that they do not take too long to complete.  I have also kept the questions fairly vague so as not to raise topics that would need me to get permissions from the university ethics board and so that nothing in them would be too distressing or cause people to overthink the study.

This questionnaire is far from perfect and my investigations into the workings of surveys needs to be much deeper to understand how to get the best from them.  Also, obviously, a budget is helpful to get the questionnaire out to the public.  It is the beginning of a long journey I think, but a whole new avenue into first hand research.

Update on my questionnaire

My questionnaire has now been online for 12 hours and I have found that because it is a free version the amount of data that I can collect is limited (you can upgrade for a fee though).  If like me you do not need that much detail but were interested in seeing how far the questionnaire has reached (without putting it as a question obviously!) you can locate the area of the country/world that your respondent comes from you can copy and paste their IP address into your browser which will give you an approximate location.

The questionnaire can be found at:


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