Creating Questionnaires and Obtaining Qualitative Data.

In researching the aspects and ideas required to produce an questionnaire to obtain feedback from the National Trust of my food project I have considered the following:

Firstly – the nature of the questions that you ask has a direct correlation to the reply that you get.

There are two types of questions – open and closed.

If you need to have feedback that is qualitative they you must ask open ended questions. If you want feedback that is quantitative then closed questions with a yes or no answer are best.

For my project I might use questions such as “How well do you think these images represent your food?” which would prompt a much more descriptive answer than a direct yes or no to a question such as “Do these images represent your food well?”

The Survey Monkey has a post which explains the difference between the two types very clearly with illustrations on how to expand your questions and conclude your questionnaire to enable you to obtain the type of information you are seeking.

The Surveygizmo has this post which describes how to Phrase Quantitative Questions. They suggest that you start questions with phrases such as;

How many?
How often?
How frequently?
How much?
What percentage?
What proportion?
To what extent?
What is?
What are?

They also have a good body of information on how to keep your questionnaire interesting and keeping the respondent actively engaged.

This is a descriptive post explaining how to format a questionnaire and the layout options.


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