Inspirational Food Photographers – November 2014

Whilst researching the styles of photography that are in current vogue I have been browsing the portfolios of some of the top food photographers currently working in the industry. Amongst these I have discovered those such as Nicole Stich and Oliver Seidel, Marcus Nilsson, David Munns, Pornchai Mittongtare, Miki Duisterhof, David Loftus, Beatrice Peltre, Clare Borboza, Carl Warner, Keiko Oikawa and Tim Hill.

Of these photographers there seems to be a trend towards presenting the food images as a piece of fine art, with food stylists and designers working with the photographers to produce the final piece.

There are distinct styles of photographs of food in current vogue:
(1) coloured backgrounds
(2) dark backgrounds
(3) white backgrounds
(4) close ups
(5) whole plate shots
(6) whole scene shots
(7) action shots of chefs working/action shots of pouring sauces etc.
(8) shots of people enjoying the food/restaurant atmosphere
(9) food presented with ingredients photographed before cooking and the final product.

There also seems to be a leaning towards using natural materials such as hessian cloth, wooden chopping boards, linen, lace, wood table tops (natural wood and painted), chunky blue stripy china, fine bone china cups and saucers and silver cutlery in the newer work of these photographers.

The images that really caught my eye were the ones that were set out with lots of space around the food item. Others were those images that were a combination of a close up, and a wider shot of the food presented side by side.


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