Creative Production in a Local Context – Beginning the planning for my proposal.

A search on the internet for ‘gluten-free options at National Trust Properties’ brought up many articles.  This one was particularly interesting because it was written in 2004, long before gluten free food became a ‘trend’, and it shows that the Trust had an interest in making their properties accessible to all, including diets, at least a decade ago.

“Visiting National Trust properties

Lynda Brewer, Catering Development Manager with National Trust (Enterprises) Ltd informed the Group in 2004 that the National Trust was aware of the challenges of special dietary requirements. Catering Managers have been issued with a training document on special diets.
As a minimum they are required to provide a soup and salad and at least one cake which is totally gluten-free.”

This is a fantastic step ahead, but I can find little evidence so far that the National Trust has managed to share this information within the coeliac community.  I am coeliac and was not aware, until last year, that items such as a gluten-free cream tea are available at many properties in the Southwest of England.  It is an absolute delight to be able to feel ‘normal’ and enjoy a treat out when visiting a property and a huge consideration as many coeliacs just avoid going anywhere so that they do not have to sit and endure the horror of either the whole family going hungry as there is nothing their coeliac member can eat or having to watch their family eat whilst they are left with a pack of crisps!

I feel that Trelissick has a very social aspect to the property, with access to some of the grounds free for dog walking, etc and a large social/eating area, and would like to produce something to showcase the foods and drinks that are available to the coeliac visitor.  At this point I am considering the use of an online campaign via social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram) with images and posters of the foods available and the ethos of the catering staff to cater safely for all their guests.

This was the most information I could find easily on the menu options for Trelissick Gardens (page 36) – nothing really to tell me to what extent I could eat on a gluten free menu

In 2011 The National Trust Scotland took part in an initiative by the Coeliac Society to provide glutenfree food for a week long event:

Possibility of creating an App with glutenfree options at each property would be a thought (much the same as they have done here for maps around the gardens) but obviously focusing on the food available

The National Trust does develop its own Apps and there is a link to the helpline/information centre about their apps on this link:

The possibility of getting (if it isnt already) The National Trust / Trelissick accredited at a bona fide gluten free venue can be explored here:


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