National Trust Branding Guidelines considered in the production of my timelapse

Things to avoid when photographing for the National Trust (as advised on page 53, National Trust Branding Guidelines).

  • Sky retouched to an unreal blue (It looks fake and artificial.)

  • Distortion from odd angles or wide-angle lenses (This gives a peculiar view of the place.)

  • Special effects (The natural beauty of places doesn’t need special effects getting in the way.)

  • Contrived or artificial set ups (Strike a false note. There’s much more interest in what is real.)

  • Posed people (People are very good at spotting what is fake and what is real.  Images of fake moments make anything else we say less believable.)

  • Staged action (Again, people are very good at spotting what is fake and what is real.)

It is with these points in mind that I have not over edited the images in the timelapse, instead leaving them at a natural colour, just using the lens correction profiles to adapt the GoPro lens to a suitable format.  In Photoshop there are colour profiles, called LUT’s that would have given a variety of atmospheric effects, which on other projects would have been ideal.

The National Trust have their own typeface which they have designed to be warm, modern but keeping a timeless quality. They have guidelines on what font to use in your document, dependent upon the type of production method. Typefaces to use when creating National Trust documents and projects (as found on page 31 of the National Trust Branding document).

Typeface family
The typeface family has four members:
National Trust Display for headlines above 16pt
National Trust Bold
National Trust Regular for the majority of body copy
National Trust Italic for emphasis, foreign words
and mentioning the titles of books, pictures and so on.
For documents produced in Word, Publisher or
PowerPoint, and for emails, use Arial.
We also use Arial for all body copy on websites.

It is for this reason that I used Ariel font when creating the credits for my timeline.


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