Creating a Timelapse Video in Photoshop CS6

My concept for the National Trust Induction Project.

After viewing the property on the first day of the trip I was particularly interested in the space in front of the house (as it was a newly opened space and was not accessible to the public until this summer) and how the visitors used the new space.  After listening to Jon Cummings speaking in the morning I thought it might be a good exercise to see how much time people spend there, and the types of person using the space.  Obviously to do this without any prejudice would mean observing over many sessions, on different days of the week (and weekend) and also during holidays to get a balance idea of usage, but for now I felt a short timelapse looking out from the house would be ideal.

Producing a timelapse video in CS6.

Steep learning curve this past two days.  Have used Photoshop to produce slideshows of still photographs before but until now have always used i-movie to produce the few simple timelapse video presentations thus far.  Decided to have a shot at using the new video timeline facilities on CS 6 and found this site particularly useful, especially when trying to remember how to add transitions to the clips.

Some wording/text on the video.

In order to keep the timelapse in the same style as the National Trust productions I have downloaded their brand guiding pdf so that I can ensure everything compliments the message the National Trust are trying to make.  This is very easily found at:

To access the National Trust’s own font you can register at this address to access their brand center.

Sourcing a track to go with the video.

Musical accompaniaments chosen from                                              and have shortlisted a few which I have downloaded, their titles include Running Waters, In The Field, Emily Walks Away, Drifting 2, Acoustic 2 and Alison and, as per the licencing agreement, I must credit for the music.  Checked out their links on licencing as well just to make sure there wasn’t a hidden catch.  At the moment I am looking at using another of their tracks called Clouds as it seems to fit quite well with the visuals. and also had a look at this link, as suggested on the audionautix site, on licencing

I also found this musical site which allows copyright free music to be purchased for use on video work, etc


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