Trelissick House and Ida Copeland

To make things easier for myself I am posting some of the links that I have been reading/scanning to get some background information/feelings about the inhabitants of Trelissick House, and in particular Ida Copeland, and the Copeland Family.

1. Basic review on the gardens before the house was opened.  Has a few thoughts on the feelings the place evokes for them.

2. Detailed information on Ida Copeland and her career in politics/government.  Good few links to follow up on dates of articles in The Times newspaper on her and other references to her.

3. Article in MailOnline about the auction of the treasures within the stately home.

4. Press release regarding the sale of the contents of the house by Bonhams.

5. Review about living at Trelissick on This is The Westcountry.  Video and text dated 2006.

6. NT article on how to help with the buying and restoring of the house so that it can be opened to the public with links on how to donate.

7. NT article on the history of the house.


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