What is creativity? and how to evaluate.

Class notes today on what is creativity.

When researching a subject remember that if you only use one source then your view is skewed.  Sources to use include, but not limited to:

  • internet
  • itunes or music/radio
  • bbc radio player
  • sky tv
  • radio
  • NPR – like an American version of the BBC but sponsored and funded.  You can get an app on the iPhone which is NPR News.  It allows you to search by subject.
  • TedTalks
  • Radiolab


Evaluating your work.

Consider what success will look like to you?  How will you measure your success?

You must be able to evaluate your work to attain a first class degree – its a key point that examiners will be looking for.  It is no good just producing good work – you must know it is good and be able to say how you know (proof and measure of success).


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